Swift and Secure Fintech Fx Currency Transfers

55East Currency Exchange offers swift, secure fintech fx money transfers and payments without the need for a bank. Whether you transfer online or over the phone, you receive great exchange rates, no fees and a friendly service.

If you need to make a payment today, or three months in the future and, be it large or small, we have a service that suits you. We work with our clients to help them put a strategy in place for all their transfers.

Call us when you need to secure the best rate possible for either a one off payment or if you have payments to plan ahead because 55East Currency Exchange can help you save money.

"Over the course of the year, 55East will save us $3000-$4000...." John B (Director, Spare Parts Importer)

Fx for E-commerce, Property & Business

If you're an E-commerce merchant, buying property, sending money to family or relocating overseas, 55East Currency Exchange makes sure you are looked after all of the way.

Our friendly team are on hand to help guide you through the exchange process and secure the best rate possible for your needs. If you are business looking to send or receive money from abroad we also offer a market research service to help you decide when best to make your exchange.

55East are committed to helping our customers save time and money on managing their currency risk with excellent exchange rates, no fees and great customer service.

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Why 55East Currency Exchange?

UK FCA regulated

UK FCA regulated

Our Currency Exchange service is fully regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and we are KYC & AML compliant

Security of Funds

Security of Funds

Our clients funds are secure and held in segregated accounts with our globally regulated banking partners. All transactions are fully audited and traceable.

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

Our great rates and excellent fintech fx service directly enable you to reap the financial benefits. We aim to serve YOU.

The Key Benefits

  • Competitive Rates

    Our excellent online service gives you great currency rates 24/7. Or speak to one of our team and get a quote now.

  • Cutting Edge Risk Management

    Our team will help you manage fluctuating exchange rates, minimising risk and provide unbeatable transaction prices.

  • Ease Of Use

    Free & easy to setup – Simply apply online and transact. We help you take control of your fintech FX needs.

Offered Currencies

We offer an ever expanding variety of currency pairing from the major FX crosses and more.

Here are some of the many currencies we offer

Croatian Kuna
Swedish Krona
UAE Dirham
Israeli Shekel
Singapore Dollar
Australian Dollar
Japanese Yen
Turkish Lira
Canadian Dollar
Mexican Peso
South African Rand
Swiss Franc
Norwegian Krona
GB Pounds
Danish Krone
New Zealand Dollar
Saudi Arabian Riyal
Hong Kong Dollar
Polish Zloty
Indian Rupee

Global Money Transfer

There are many reasons to use 55East Currency Exchange. Here are just two examples of how our seamless global fintech currency transfer service can help you

Spot & Forward Rates

Spot and Forward Currency Rates

Every business requirement is different but with our expert selection of currency services, 55East can help you protect your bottom line. We offer Spot Contracts which are ideal for immediate transfers that secure your business the most competitive exchange rate available.

Forward Contracts are good for future currency payments, allowing you to plan and protect your funds. In case of negative market moves, you can fix the currency rate you want for up to five years in advance. Market and Limit orders are useful for securing a specific exchange rate level. Our team can help you decide what works well for you.

We also offer expert market research to enable you to decide when to transact in the markets. Good transaction timing can help your business manage its currency transfers more effectively. This advantage offers you security and peace of mind no matter the fluctuations in the currency market.

Our team can help talk you through the options avaiable for your requirements.

One Off or Regular International Transfers

One Off and Regular International Transfers

If you are buying or selling a property abroad or transfering income from properties globally, 55East can considerably reduce these costs. When transferring large sums abroad, securing a great exchange rate will make a huge difference to how much foreign currency you receive.

As well as sourcing the best exchange rate it’s important to be aware of how fx volatility can impact the cost of your international transfer and our expert team are ready to help you manage this risk and make the most from your currency transfers. We aim to provide you with the best rate through our expertise in the currency markets and our commitment to providing fintech excellence.

If you are an E-commerce merchant, our competitive exchange rates online or over the phone can give your an additional advantage for your business. Typically most e-commerce sites will charge you 3.5% to transfer monies internationally. 55East will definitely save you money.

Our service is available online 24/7 and office hours from 8am - 5.30pm during the week

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The Currency Exchange Process

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1. Register online or By Phone

Our online registration is free and easy. Our one off KYC & Compliance checks make the process simple (24hrs)

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2. Contact our team or Log in Online

Once registered, you can get a great currency rate from our friendly team who are ready to assist you

Create an Exchange Transaction

3. Complete your Currency Transfer

Place an order online 24/7 for your currency, tell us where you want the funds sent and we will deliver your funds within 2 days

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